Ding Yi Music Company

Of Time and Classics


Embark on a captivating musical odyssey as Ding Yi Music Company collaborates with the Taoyuan Chinese Orchestra (TYCO) in this highly anticipated second edition of “Of Time and Classics”, a series that stands as a reverential tribute to the origins of Chinese music, weaving together a rich tapestry of traditional Chinese chamber music.

Led by Resident Conductor Wong De Li, Dedric, and renowned Guest Conductor Qu Chunquan, the concert will feature captivating classics such as “Spring Dawn on the Emerald Lake”, “Fishermen’s Song of Victory” and “A Journey to Chao Zhou”. This union promises an unforgettable performance that transcends generations and captivates the audience.

Ding Yi dizi musician Ng Hsien Han will present a solo “Song of the Herdsmen”, a compelling piece that showcases the instrument’s melodic prowess, whilst pipa musician Chua Yew Kok will partake in a mesmerising duet with cello musician Bekhzod Oblayorov for “Dance of the Yi Tribe”, a harmonious blend of Eastern and Western musical elements. Chang Wei-Yun from TYCO will also feature in “The Ballad of Lan Huahua”, depicting a poignant and tragic love story inspired by Northern Shaanxi folk songs.

Join us for an evening of musical nostalgia and cultural exploration, supported by Qiu Zhai Art Foundation.

Tickets & Prices

$38, $28


Applicable for Senior Citizens*, NSF**, and Students***.
*Applicable for individuals aged 60 years old and above with valid ID
**Applicable for NSmen with valid 11B pass
***Applicable for students with valid student pass