Ding Yi Music Company

musician position: Huqin

Chen Ning

Chen Ning started learning the erhu at the tender age of 10, under the tutelage of Xu Wenjing. Her keen interest in the instrument led her to join the Nanyang Primary School’s Chinese Orchestra and consequently, the Nanyang Girls’ High School Chinese Orchestra, where she was appointed sectional leader and concertmaster. A graduate of the Bachelors’

Chin Yen Choong

Chin Yen Choong joined Ding Yi Music Company in 2007 and is currently a huqin musician in the ensemble. In 1999, Chin started learning erhu under the tutelage of Singapore Chinese Orchestra gaohu musician, Xu Wenjing. A highly talented musician, Chin quickly acquired a high level of skill with the string instrument. In 2000, together with Keat Hong Chinese Orchestra, he