Ding Yi Music Company



Ding Yi Music Company proudly presents “ECOncert”, a captivating and thought-provoking musical journey that explores the intricate relationship between humanity and the awe-inspiring force of nature.

Through the mesmerising synergy of evocative music and stunning visuals, the concert is a reminder of man’s smallness in the face of nature’s grandeur. Under the creative direction of conductor Wong De Li, Dedric and stage director/dramaturg Ang Xiao Ting with Chong Li-Chuan’s exquisite soundscapes, compositions by John Sharpley and Yii Kah Hoe, set and art installations by Quek See Yee and Ferry, and video projections by Visual Media Artist Robert Zhao, “ECOncert” invites audiences to embark on a profound exploration of the delicate equilibrium between human presence and nature’s indomitable spirit. Celebrated Guqin soloist Zhong Zhi Yue will also play a newly-commissioned work.

Taking inspiration from the highly beloved activity of ‘forest bathing’, “ECOncert” invites audiences to meditate on their relationship with the natural environment, while being enveloped in the soothing embrace of Chinese musical instruments that have celebrated nature for thousands of years. 

“Can humans and nature coexist in an urban environment?” Join us on this journey of hope, contemplation, and celebration.

Tickets & Prices

General Seating: $28


Applicable for Senior Citizens*, NSF**, and Students***.
*Applicable for individuals aged 60 years old and above with valid ID
**Applicable for NSmen with valid 11B pass
***Applicable for students with valid student pass