Ding Yi Music Company introduces a variety of digital content with the aim to instil positivity and encourage fellow Singaporeans and our international friends as we ride out the storm of the global COVID-19 outbreak. 

Under the banner of #dingyiwithyou, our weekly published content hopes to bring together audiences and artists in the digital realm.



Ding Yi Encore! features free full-length recordings of Ding Yi most iconic works and concerts from the past.


Take joy in Ding Yi’s signature works such as our widely acclaimed multi-disciplinary Of Music series, and Chinese chamber music favourites from our Ding Yi Chinese Chamber Music Festival and more.


#togetherwestand features bite-sized video content with uplifting messages to accompany everyone in these uncertain times. The new content in this series are published weekly to keep you engaged with easy to digest and enjoyable content as we stand together to fight against the virus.


These include our Ding Yi musicians playing a small tune with renowned international musicians, or special dedicated songs for our frontliners.

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Onstage vs Offstage is a fun and casual activity which features a social media takeover by our Ding Yi family. Our musicians and administrative staff will be invited to post stories to see how different or similar people from onstage and offstage are.


Look out for the things they do for #stayhomeforSG, as they may embark on some mission and challenge together too.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of the arts groups in Singapore and our way of life. In this difficult time as we faced challenges like cancellations of concerts, ticket revenues affected, we will continue to bring you quality Chinese chamber music into the comforts of your home.