Ding Yi Music Company

musician position: Woodwind

Jacky Ng

Jacky Ng’s musical journey began at 13, when he learned the suona under the guidance of Singapore Chinese Orchestra musician Liu Jiang. “I was inspired to explore the suona’s potential when I was in secondary school, after hearing many expressive performances,” Ng says of the double-reed traditional instrument. “It is special to me because it’s

Soh Swee Kiat

Soh Swee Kiat was a young self-taught sheng musician while serving as the sectional leader in the Chinese orchestra of Po Chinese High School Batu Pahat in Malaysia. In 2012, he ventured to Singapore to pursue his studies at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) and became the pioneering sheng major in the Diploma


Ng Hsien Han

Dr Ng Hsien Han joined Ding Yi Music Company in 2012 as a  dizi musician, and is also the ensemble manager of Dicapella, the only dizi ensemble in Singapore. He first picked up the dizi under Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) musician Lee Heng Quey, and fell in love with the instrument’s resonant, breathy timbre. He