Ding Yi Music Company

musician position: Plucked Strings

Wong Wai Kit

Wong Wai Kit brought his skills on the ruan to Ding Yi Music Company in 2023. He is also a guest ruan musician with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra and the Chinese Chamber Music Ensemble and is affiliated with the Ruanxian Association of Singapore. He began playing the zhongruan at the age of six, and was

Tan Jie Qing

Tan Jie Qing’s sensitivity and musical camaraderie as a yangqin musician has led to frequent collaborations with ensembles and orchestras in Singapore, as well as the opportunity to perform in hallowed concert halls in Beijing, Shanghai, and Taiwan, to name a few. She became Ding Yi Music Company’s yangqin musician in 2019, drawn by how


Yvonne Tay

An award-winning guzheng musician of Ding Yi Music Company since 2012, Yvonne Tay has extensive experience performing internationally and is a passionate educator. A recipient of the prestigious National Arts Council Arts Scholarship (Undergraduate) in 2015, Tay mastered the guzheng under the tutelage of Madam Yin Qun at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA).

Chua Yew Kok

Chua Yew Kok is a pipa musician in Ding Yi Music Company, which he co-founded in 2007. One of his most savoured memories is of the fledgling ensemble clinching the first prize at the 2008 National Chinese Music Competition. Ding Yi went on to receive top honours at the prestigious Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod held