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1. Huayue Goes Pop! (AEP0319429)

Ding Yi Music Company is going to present the first and only “Huayue Goes Pop” radio station themed programme. This radio station will play pop songs from different ages only with Chinese instruments.

Introducing the versatility of Chinese Music, musicians will showcase the different characteristic and instrumentation of Chinese Chamber Ensemble by performing popular songs through the different decades from the 70s to our current hits.

Students are encouraged to sing-along while we are performing, and at the end with a special twist, we have a special segment where students will have the opportunity to do a song request from a list of popular songs we have prepared.


2. SING Songs(AEP0319428)

“SING Songs” represents songs of Singapore. Musicians from Ding Yi Music Company will perform different genre of songs originally composed by Singaporeans or memorable tunes such as Xinyao, Drama themed songs, ethnic songs and pop songs sung or written by Singaporean singers. Through this performance, students can learn more about Chinese Chamber Ensemble and the background story of each piece performed.

A narrator (voice-over) will be telling the students the meaning and the backstory of those iconic pieces of Singapore and the different cultures in Singapore. Meanwhile, we hope to increase the sense of belonging among students by listening to these pieces.

3. Expedition of Music and Nature (AEP0319438)

Musicians from Ding Yi Music Company will perform traditional Chinese pieces related to nature and wildlife. Emcee will act as an adventurer to engage with students and let them understand more about how Chinese music can be associated with nature that surrounds us everyday.

Accompanied by visual presentations, this programme will showcase the four different sections (Bowed string 拉弦乐, Plucked string 弹拨乐, Woodwind 吹管乐, Percussion 打击乐) in classical Chinese instruments.

4. Musical Journey (AEP0319430)

Introduce Singapore’s history and different ethnic music through a musical tour around Singapore Heritage.

A few places such as Chinatown, Little India, Tanjong Katong and Kampung will be introduced by performing a selection of pieces and a visual representation of different places.

Students will get to know how Chinese music and our lives can be involved with each other. To have a deeper understanding of Chinese Chamber Music and Singapore’s culture.

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