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Resident Conductor
Wong De Li, Dedric

Wong De Li, Dedric aspired to be a conductor in his teen years. His interest was ignited by Dr Tay Teow Kiat, renowned Chinese music educator and Singapore Cultural Medallion recipient. He obtained his master’s degree in orchestral conducting from the China Conservatory of Music in Beijing, under the tutelage of renowned Professor Yang Youqing and received guidance from Tsung Yeh, Maestro and Music Director of Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO). Wong aims to push Ding Yi to new heights of artistic excellence and develop a unique Singaporean musical direction.


In 2013, Wong was selected to participate in the Conducting Masterclass by renowned conducting maestros Prof Zhang Guoyong and Qu Chunquan, organised by the Taipei Chinese Orchestra. He was again selected to attend the Conducting Workshop by Tsung Yeh, organised by SCO in 2015.


As National Arts Council (NAC) Arts Scholarship recipient (2014) and a two-time recipient of the Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Arts and Cultural Bursary in 2004 and 2006, he has performed in many countries such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia.


In 2016, Wong staged his conducting recital with the China Conservatory of Music Middle School Youth Chinese Orchestra with reputable conductor Gu Guanren. In the same year, he assumed the conductor’s role for the Cultural Symphony Orchestra and was also featured as an outstanding NAC scholar in the 2016 Straits Times Scholars Choice.

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